Sophia Pontrelli

Sophia Pontrelli, (pronouns she/her), is a part of the Eye of Life production company. In this festival, she will be playing the role of an actor, as well as being a part of the lighting and costume designing team. She is very much looking forward to the Devised Theatre Festival, and has supported it for years! She is a Toronto based theatre artist, performer, and deviser. She is in her fourth and final year at York University, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, specialising in Devised Theatre. She was in the RAP program (The Regional Arts Program) for the performing arts at St. Elizabeth Catholic High School, and has been involved in numerous shows throughout her high school experience, both on stage and behind the stage. She has always had a passion for acting and theatre, and the arts in general, and has always known she wanted to pursue them! She truly identifies herself with being artistic and feels as if it best describes her. Another passion of hers is athletics and fitness, that is also a huge part of her, and would say that is the other half of her personality. She hopes to pursue athletics, as well as acting in film and theatre, as well as teaching! Going forward, she strives  to discover new interests and passions of hers, and pursue them!