Gaetano Peritore

Photo of Gaetano Peritore.

Guy (he/him) is electrified to be part of the DT 2023 Festival with Eye of Life Productions!
Gaetano “Guy” Peritore is a 4th-year Theatre Student specialising in Devised Theatre at York
University. Guy is a striving performer, deviser, screenwriter, photographer and director that’s
based out of Oakville, ON. Best known for his recent performances in Beverley Valley High,
An Unexpected Killer S2 and 2021 DT Fest’s The Tabella. With recent screenwriting credits
in the 2022 48 Hour Film Festival’s production of Max and Sarah are Going to Broadway!
He is super excited to be devising a show with his company and cannot wait to show you the
final product! If you ever notice a guy dancing to show tunes in the TTC Subways, that’s
probably him.