Matthew Cava-Ferraro

Photo of Matthew Cava-Ferraro

Matthew Cava-Ferraro (he/him) is a Toronto based theater artist, martial artist, performer, and gamer in his final year of performance creation specializing in Devised Theater at York University. He is absolutely thrilled to be a part of this year’s Devised Festival! With a seemingly endless backlog of shows, movies, and games he loves to see new stories come to life! Matthew has always had a fascination with stories and the emotions and conversations they leave the audience with. As a relatively new artist Matthew hopes that his work will leave an emotional impression on those who come see it, as well as having some fun in the process! His previous performances include Checkpoint (2021) in the Devised Theater Festival. Pigeon Play (2020) Red Rover (2021), Burgertory (2021), and The Birdgeoisie (2022) in York University’s Playground Festival. Descent (2021), Murth Island (2021), and Death of Daisies (2021) in the 5290 festival. The Inevitable Frankie Green (2022) in the Island Fringe Festival. Matthew is glad he gets to play a part in bringing these stories to life with the ever amazing people in dead end. He promises that everyone reading this won’t be disappointed with this year’s DT festival!