Posted on February 24, 2011

Previsualization for stereo 3D at SiRT Conference

3D FLIC partners present at SiRT‘s Previsualization and Virtual Production Conference – February 24/25 on day 1
3:00 – 3:25:
Previsualization For 3D: A case study
This presentation will explain how previsualization was used in pre-production and principal photography for Starz Animation’s new short, Lovebirds,which combines live action and cg elements.  To meet tight budget and schedule constraints Starz used stereoscopic previs  techniques extensively to solve technical and production challenges proactively and to minimize creative exploration on set.  Decisions regarding set design and construction, camera rigging, shooting schedules, and stereo cinematography were mostly driven by data gathered in the previs process.

Lovebirds is an innovative new hybrid stereoscopic short being produced by Starz Animation Toronto in collaboration with the 3DFlic initiative, a collaboration between leading filmmakers and top research scientists to bring a new stereoscopic experience to the screen.
Presenter: Rob Burton, (VP Technology, Starz Animation)


3:35 – 4: 20:
Virtual Filmmaking using smart assets
Working with computer graphics applications, technical artists work with many assets such as geometry, textures, motion data and more. These assets live separately from each other and only in the hands of a professional can they be set up and deployed. With Smart Assets, these pieces can be pre-rigged and packaged then used by artists who do not have an in-depth knowledge of computer graphics. In this presentation, Paul Salvini, CTO at Side Effects Software will introduce you to the use of smart assets in Houdini to previsualize a feature film shoot.

Confirmed Panelists: Paul Salvini, (CTO, Side Effects Software), Robert Magee (Product Marketing Manager, Side Effects Software)