Posted on July 31, 2010

3-D films in GTA

Toronto firms hope technology offers competitive edge to offset higher Canadian dollar

Toronto Star, Sat Jul 31 2010, By line: Dana Flavelle

Bill White forgot that he meant to take Wednesday off.

The co-founder of the (www.3dcameracompany.comยป) 3D Camera Company has worked straight through the weekend.

He’s just back from New York where his cameras were used to shoot a concert by the U.K. punk rock Jim Jones Revue Band in 3-D.

Then it was off to participate at a 3-D Media Workshop in Rockport, Me.

Now, the pioneering Toronto film industry entrepreneur is double-booked and running at least half an hour late.

White shrugs off what he calls a lifelong habit of “controlled chaos.”

Personal idiosyncrasies aside, his cluttered calendar may reflect the fact his company is one of several Toronto firms chasing the 3-D dream. The long list of well-known local players includes Don Carmody Productions, Cinespace Film Studios and Creative Post Inc. Continue Reading

Posted on July 9, 2010

Study on the effects of exposure to S3D

July 9 to July 23

Study on the effects of exposure to S3D. ‘Heavy users’ needed.

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