Posted on June 3, 2010

Exploring the third dimension – York University’s new 3-D FLIC research program

York University’s new 3-D FLIC research program aims to create a new vision for Toronto — and bring a whole lot of Hollywood money to town.

Anumber of 3-D motion pictures have come and gone over the years (remember Jaws 3-D?), but something about the more than $1.8 billion Avatar grossed worldwide has those in the industry think- ing that this time, the glasses are on for good.
However, with stereoscopic film technology — the new wave of 3-D — being so new, its possibili- ties are largely untapped, as filmmakers are pretty much making up processes and techniques as they go. That’s a situation a group over at York University are hoping to capitalize on, with their two-year academic-industry partnership program, the 3-D Film Innovation Consortium (3D FLIC).