Posted on March 8, 2010

York U looks into 3D

A team of filmmakers, scientists and psychologists has raised over $1.4 million in funding for York University’s 3D FLIC – a two-year effort with assorted film industry partners intended to spur on more 3D film production in Toronto and throughout the province.

Filmmakers at the Toronto university, led by Prof. Ali Kazimi, will work with industry members and the Canadian Film Centre to develop 3D scenes and films, while vision researchers and psychologists in York’s Centre for Vision Research will use the material to conduct tests exploring how people perceive and process the images.

The filmmaking teams will use that information to refine their films. The research is expected to aid in creating better post-production technologies for 3D films. Among the industry partners taking part are Cinespace Film Studios, 3D Camera Company, Starz Animation Toronto and Saw VII Production Canada.

The funding includes $436,000 from the Ontario Media Development Corporation, handed out earlier this month.