Welcome to Reimagined!

Reimagined is a York University Theatre Production student project created in response to limitations resulting from Covid-19.

In order to understand how Reimagined came to be, you first need to understand Mortified. Mortified started off as a main stage show with 5 designers: set, costume, lighting, sound and media. For the first semester of 2020, we were working through the ever changing environment that Covid-19 brought us. Once 2021 came around, it became evident that Mortified was not going to be an in person show, and out went the possibility of doing set, costumes and lighting. Instead of scraping all our hard work and research, the Reimagined designers decided to create a new project. This allowed us to continue with our original crew roles and give the Practicum students a chance to build, hang lights and work in the wardrobe. And so Reimagined was created. We have kept elements of the original Mortified designs, like the 90’s clothing theme, water movement and colour along with the main character’s emotional journey, but everything else the designers adapted to better suit our new vision.

We’d like to thank all the Practicum students for their hard work and faculty for their support. We’d also like to thank Mandy, for starting this journey with us and inspiring us to continue when things didn’t go as planned.