AMPD Dean’s Student Leadership Award

AMPD Dean’s Student Leadership Award

$1000, awarded annually to one or more recipients

Deadline for Nominations: April 2

The Dean’s Student Leadership Award recognizes undergraduate AMPD students, who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, service and commitment to improving community and experience for students across AMPD and beyond. Nominations may come from all members of AMPD: faculty, staff, and all students. The nomination form should include the following: name, year, program of the nominee and a short statement (no more than 750 words) outlining how the nominee has demonstrated excellence in the following areas:

- Leadership
- Commitment to inclusion & equity
- Evidence of positive change in program, AMPD or York University more broadly

Leadership in this context is not defined solely as holding elected or formal positions of authority or coordination. It may also include varied models of leadership, including advocacy within the Faculty and beyond; support of fellow students; leading by example; other examples as noted by nominators. Academic excellence and standing, artistic work and other notable achievements will be considered holistically within the process, but conventional standards of excellence are neither determining nor exclusionary considerations.

The adjudication committee for this award is chaired by the Dean (ex officio), Associate Deans (Academic and Research), Director of Student & Community Engagement, Director of Communications, Associate Director of Advancement, Executive Officer, and a student representative member from the Dean’s Student Advisory Committee.

For inquiries, please email